All The Things

  • Platforming and exploration in a reasonably large and moderately mysterious underground realm

  • Collect abilities to unlock new areas, which contain new abilities, which unlock new areas, you know how this works, I don’t have to explain it

  • Gorgeous artwork full of pretty pixels

  • A soundtrack with lots of notes and even more rests

  • Lava

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Many Ways To Play

Collect abilities and explore in Classic Mode, test your skills in Time Attack, or follow specific routes in Challenge Mode.

John Q. Dawson

Gentleman. Scholar. Cheese enthusiast. 
All he wanted was to go to a cheese-tasting party. Now he's in another dimension. Another dimension. Another dimension.


(Game is guaranteed not to include these)

  •  No crafting
  •  No skill tree
  •  No day/night cycles
  •  No zombies
  •  No dodge-rolls
  •  No point-based morality system
  •  No character creator
  •  No cover system
  •  No Eldritch Horrors (probably)

A Dashing Hero

John Q. Dawson jumps, dashes, and collects cheese. More importantly, though, he learns about himself. It's like a metaphor for life.

"But why is there cheese?"

- My Grandmother

a game by Cosmic Turtle